Chapter Fourteen: Old Yeller

An apology for how inconsistent we've been getting chapters out lately. (Ew. Finals.) ********** Chapter Fourteen: Old Yeller Yells and shrieks rise from the floors below us, and Rose’s father bangs on the door again. “It’s time to go, lass! My men will not be able to hold them off for long!” I stare at … Continue reading Chapter Fourteen: Old Yeller

Chapter 13: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

“So…what can you do then?” Is that a rude question? I can’t tell if that’s a rude question. The look on James’ face says it might be. The way his eyebrows narrow inward so that he’s squinting at me makes me think neither one of us really knows what’s going on right now. “Depends,” he … Continue reading Chapter 13: It’s Kind of a Funny Story