It’s Time to Color… A SQUISH!

Get out your crayons and colored pencils, kids, it’s time to color a picture!

Today, your challenge is to draw a SQUISH!

Don’t know what a squish is? Go here: Meet the Squish! Squishes? Squishi?

And if you’re feeling a bit too lazy to read that whole chapter, here’s a smaller (and less detailed) description: The things are half rodent, half fish. Gills protrude from their fury necks and they each have a silvery fin that slides down their spines, ending where their great, bushy tails begin. Two black eyes dot their heads, and their noses wiggle back and forth as they move about.

Julia and I want to see your interpretations of the squish aliens!!! Mock up a sketch–whether it be super detailed with loads of color, or an ultra simple and nifty pen doodle–and send it our way! Our email is always open for questions, comments, and the like. You can find it along the side of this blog or at the bottom of this post.


1) Get a drawing utensil of your choice.

2) Find a piece of paper somewhere. We’re not picky about such things. Steal it from your friend if you have to. Draw on the back of your math homework (who needs that anyway?)

3) Draw a squish. We ask that you follow the description above, but every artist is allowed some artistic freedom. All we ask is that you don’t turn our alien squirrel-fish into alien dragon-yetis. Make sense?

4) Send your picture to us at: and feel totally accomplished that you spent your time so productively 🙂

The winner of this lovely competition will have their squish displayed at the top of this blog where the pocket watch is currently located. It also may take part in the design that may or may not (because we’re not 100% sure this idea is going to happen yet) appear on…t-shirts??? Yeah, that’s right. T-shirts.

So get a-doodling and we’ll talk to you soon!

Such lovely little squishes.

Mel and Julia



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