Chapter Three: Wuthering Heights

Mary is staring at us funny—no, not us—William. It’s as if she’s seen a ghost (or, well, another other ghost). “P-p-pixie,” she mumbles, pointing to the empty space just over her right shoulder, and I narrow my eyes. A speechless Mary is something new, and I don’t plan to mess up my new, silent luck. … Continue reading Chapter Three: Wuthering Heights

Chapter Two: The Hobbit

Julia here, with Chapter Two of This is a Book Too! A reminder that Mel's chapters are from zombie-ghost-pirate Rose's perspective and my chapters are from on-the-run assassin Mary's. Thanks for reading! ********** Chapter Two: The Hobbit Randy’s expression is unsettlingly confrontational. “Don’t you have some bunnies to go hide from or something?” I ask … Continue reading Chapter Two: The Hobbit