What is This is a Book? Let us tell you!

Hi, I’m Melanie and this is Julia (I’m gesturing to her but you can’t see cause, you know, this is a blog and stuff). We’re both authors who love to write and are passionate about creating stories that other people will love.

This is a Book started off as a joke–a test to see how outrageous we could make our characters, plots, and settings–as well as a competition to see who could throw the other the biggest curve-ball. We wanted to create a novel that was not hindered by barriers of any kind. By that I mean, we wanted to be able to write without having to concern ourselves with genre, formatting, or any of the other basic concepts that normally confine a novel.

So, we wrote one that didn’t have any of those things. (Well, okay, the format was pretty basic, but we totally ignored the genre part).

There is mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, horror; there are ghosts, talking animals, teenage spies, computer hackers, pirates, aliens, giant monsters, conspiracies, bad-guy partners, vampires, zombies, and dead people (like actually dead dead people).

All of these things come together to create what we like to call: This is a Book. (Because there really isn’t a better way to describe this blog-novel of sorts).

Everyone who has been reading along with us from the beginning has been so awesome, and the feedback we’ve received is truly amazing. Now we’re giving each and every one of you lovely readers a place to find new chapters easily and to keep up with the old ones. Plus there are sure to be many more character polls (where the readers create and choose the new characters), as well as character bios, extended chapters, spin-off stories, and much MUCH more! Maybe even…dare I say… T-shirts????

This is going to be so freaking awesome 🙂

You guys are seriously the best and we love you all!


Mel and Julia

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