Chapter Fourteen: Old Yeller

An apology for how inconsistent we've been getting chapters out lately. (Ew. Finals.) ********** Chapter Fourteen: Old Yeller Yells and shrieks rise from the floors below us, and Rose’s father bangs on the door again. “It’s time to go, lass! My men will not be able to hold them off for long!” I stare at … Continue reading Chapter Fourteen: Old Yeller

Chapter Twelve: Eleanor & Park

My head weighs a thousand, million pounds. A thousand, million, bazillion pounds. I blink my eyes open and a paint-splattered stucco ceiling greets me a good distance away. So at least the dead pirates and crazy lady didn’t shove me in some moldy crawlspace somewhere, but also, I’m no longer in that hideous sitting room. … Continue reading Chapter Twelve: Eleanor & Park

Chapter Two: The Hobbit

Julia here, with Chapter Two of This is a Book Too! A reminder that Mel's chapters are from zombie-ghost-pirate Rose's perspective and my chapters are from on-the-run assassin Mary's. Thanks for reading! ********** Chapter Two: The Hobbit Randy’s expression is unsettlingly confrontational. “Don’t you have some bunnies to go hide from or something?” I ask … Continue reading Chapter Two: The Hobbit