Chapter Seven: Great Expectations

“Check. Mate.” William’s smirk is hearty enough to make the ship groan in irritation. Randy, whose King was just assaulted by a rather dingy looking pawn, snaps one of the chess pieces across the old, wooden board—this one a horse head with one eye gouged deeper than the other so that it looks like it’s … Continue reading Chapter Seven: Great Expectations


Chapter Six: What’s Left of Me

Sorry for the delay this weekend! The Olympics and school have, you know, been sort of distracting. ********** Chapter Six: What’s Left of Me   “Don’t make me chew myself out of these ropes. I will do it.” A wave of laughter, even more tumulus than the ocean propelling us to who-knows-where, rises from the … Continue reading Chapter Six: What’s Left of Me

Chapter Two: The Hobbit

Julia here, with Chapter Two of This is a Book Too! A reminder that Mel's chapters are from zombie-ghost-pirate Rose's perspective and my chapters are from on-the-run assassin Mary's. Thanks for reading! ********** Chapter Two: The Hobbit Randy’s expression is unsettlingly confrontational. “Don’t you have some bunnies to go hide from or something?” I ask … Continue reading Chapter Two: The Hobbit